Speech Language Therapy

References from some of Sheena's clients

Sheena has helped both my son and daughter with speech therapy and getting them both school ready. My son suffered from very delayed speech development and it was of deep concern. It wasn't until he started speech therapy with Sheena that his speech development advanced. I feel the key to Sheena's success is in the resources she provides. Speech therapy only works when the child is willing to participate and Sheena's resources make the therapy so much fun, but at the same time extremely effective. My daughter couldn't wait to see Sheena and really looked forward to getting homework like her big brother. Getting my children to complete the homework set by Sheena was easy as they had so much fun doing it and playing the games.

Parents of preschool boy and girl

Our daughter has Down syndrome and the associated speech and language delays. She has been working with Sheena for several years. During this time Sheena has impressed us with her ability to keep her lessons both entertaining and effective. She tailors the lessons to fit our daughter's needs, and keeps us well stocked with resources to use at home. We have seen a huge improvement in our daughter's speech over this time - with less frustration, better behaviour and easier integration as a result of this.

Parents of 8 year old girl

Our 10 year old son has been seeing Sheena once a week for the past 4 years for Speech Language Therapy. He has a learning disability, and Sheena has helped move him from strength to strength academically, socially and emotionally both inside and outside the classroom. Not one week goes by and Sheena doesn't have a new exciting game or teaching resource for our son to try. As parents we just can't recommend or rate Sheena more highly. Our son is still so eager to attend her class! He is simply not the same child that started with Sheena 4 years ago, and his attention span is just so much greater too! If you are concerned about your child and his/her speech language development, do not hesitate to contact Sheena - we just wish we had known her earlier as she has made a world of difference to our son's life and ours as a family.

Parents of 10 year old boy

"Almost too easy", that's how it felt for me when I met with Sheena to discuss my son's speech and language. As a parent I was concerned with my son's progress and didn't know what the best solution to help him was. From the moment we engaged Sheena's services we both felt relaxed and confident with her professional approach to learning. She took away all the stress and supplied us with the necessary information, tools and personal support that were needed to go ahead each step at a time. Thanks Sheena.

Parents of 7 year old boy

Our son has responded really well to Sheena's fun, friendly approach. As he is very visual and hands-on her activities and resources work really well with him. Sheena's skills as a therapist, and as a parent herself, show in her techniques and her flexibility to adapt her sessions to the mood our son may be in. What we like about the way Sheena teaches is that she physically works with your child, constantly modelling for you so you can easily carry on the techniques / phrases at home or at school. Sheena is very approachable and is always more than happy to discuss any concerns or issues you may have.

Parents of 8 year old boy

My three and a half year old has been seeing Sheena for 5 months now. Sheena visits our home on a weekly basis which is fantastic and makes my daughter at ease being in a familiar environment. In the few months Sheena has been working with my daugther, she has improved both her speech and her developmental skills. She loves the game cards and learning activities that Sheena makes specifically for her and I find it beneficial as a parent that Sheena leaves them for us to use once she leaves. Personally I appreciate the ideas Sheena leaves with me as sometimes it can be overwhelming being a parent when you're wondering what other ways you can help your child. I find Sheena to be extremely in tune with my daughter and her needs and it's great to see my daughter blossoming from the help we have received to date.

Mother of 3 year old girl

Our son has been taught by Sheena for nearly a year now and the progress he has made has been superb. Sheena has used many different techniques to encourage and motivate our son and he always looks forward to his Speech Therapy sessions despite having a normally very shy disposition. Since working with Sheena his speech and his confidence have both noticeably improved thanks to her dedication, lovely manner and obvious skills in Speech Language Therapy. I would highly recommend Sheena to anyone seeking help for a child having difficulties with speech, expression and understanding language as she has certainly helped my son in all these areas.

Mother of 4 year old boy

Sheena has been our son's speech therapist for over a year. Our son missed developing some of the key sounds due to ear problems. Sheena was able to identify the sounds that required attention and put in place an enjoyable teaching programme that ensured he had complete trust and confidence in Sheena's instructions. What is most noticeable is Sheena's desire to make her lessons tailored to our son's passions, eg dinosaurs, and her calm but authoritative approach. The value of the transformation in his speech is greater than we possibly could have hoped for. We also appreciated Sheena's communication with us, keeping us appraised of his progress, and encouraging us to reinforce the lessons with him.

Parents of 5 year old boy